The Power of Community

Happy Monday Beautiful People!

The past couple weeks have reiterated to me the importance of community. I have always know community to be essential but I think when you are placed in a vulnerable position you really get to understand the magnitude community influences your world. 

Last week, while at Whole Foods Market, our son was having a nose bleed and while tending to him I literally collapsed on the ground, hit my head, and got right back up. I tried to rush out with him while still disoriented. Many people around me saw what was happening and asked me to sit down and tended to both Lucas and I. I was so shocked at how much people really cared. Often times living in NYC It's easy to think people are too preoccupied to care; but they really do. The reality is, we are not invincible. We need to understand that community is life. My advice to any mother is: embrace community, reach out to your community to get support. Sometimes our pride and ego get in the way but it is essential to know who our support systems are. Be an active giver and receiver of community. The power comes when we know we are not alone. You are not. We have each other. Stay strong along your journey. 

Happy healthy living!