Are You OK? Time For a Check-in.

There are so many things happening in the world today. There are wonderful things and there are indeed not so great things. How are you doing? Have you made time to disconnect and just recharge? We are being inundated with information, sometimes a bit too much. Take some time to check-in and tap into how you are feeling. Give yourself an opportunity to vent in a healthy way, i.e. art, music, therapy, or any other creative outlet. You can even indulge in solitude.

If you are engaging in advocacy work or anything that requires a lot of energy from you, be sure to not give so much to the point where you are so drained that you are unable to go on. You need to be well in order to be a light to others. Take care of yourself, do not lose yourself. Stay hydrated, get sleep, try to eat healthy, and meditate. Love yourself. Don't feel guilty to give yourself the adequate care you need. Stay strong and focus on the light amid the darkness.  Namaste to you. 

Happy healthy living!