Make It Happen Monday: How To Curb Your Distractions





Happy Monday Beautiful People!

This is one of my chronic issues! I get so distracted but I have been really working on staying on top of my tasks and getting everything done with little to no distractions. Upon my research, I discovered these key tips that are highly recommended for total focus and concentration.

1. Identify the sources of distraction, cut them off! It might be painful but yes you must do it! Silence the phone, turn off social media notification, etc.

2.  Have a list of items that need to get done.

3. Work on small task.

4. Eating a great breakfast, nutritious small portions throughout the day, stay hydrated.

5. coffee (1-2 cups a/day) but I recommend ---> Nutrient rich smoothie

6. Breaks

7. Mediation

8. Clean space/ declutter

9. Small rewards.

Good Luck!! Stay focused.


Happy healthy living!