Shared Boys Bedroom Inspiration & Ideas

As the weeks progress, the reality is really starting to kick in. We have a great deal to do to prepare for the baby! The biggest preparation will be transforming Lucas' room into a shared space. Lucas is way past the toddler stage and has long been independent with his space. So now we have to come up with a creative way to preserve his space while also creating a warm nursery for "L" (baby number 2).  

Below are some images that I came across during my search online. I think these pictures are lovely! Ideally we want to do a loft bed with a baby crib underneath. That way we can really maximize the space. Lucas has the bigger bedroom but we want to be sure to maintain the book reading and play area. 

The bedroom remodel will definitely begin in September!

The first two pictures were found from Pinterest and the last picture is from Land of Nod

Morning Meditations & Prenatal Yoga (Spend Time With Your Baby)

I try every morning to make time to connect with baby by doing a brief meditation and follow after with a prenatal yoga routine. Try to make time to just connect with your baby. This is especially important when you are overwhelmed and may feel a bit rattled. Place your hand over your heart and the other on your lower abdomen. Take full slow breaths and just be in the moment. This can help to calm your energy, purge negative energy and may help to soothe baby as well. Your body is doing tremendous work, be sure to limit stress as much as possible. Stress is the last thing your body needs during these critical stages. May you feel the love growing inside of you. Namaste. 

Happy healthy living!



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I'm Positive it is a Baby

I guess that confirms it... Slightly unexpected but I am 100% open to what the Universe has to offer us. Though its still early and usually people like to wait before announcing, I prefer to not live in fear. If this is meant to be it will. I said this year, I intend to Honor My Truth... And so I will do so. I will still be committed and amazing at all I do! Especially because I have an incredibly supportive husband Gregory Guerrier who helped me complete my master's degree in a year! Doctoral program will still be done in 2018! And So it is. :-D

An Oldie but Goodie

This post is from my old Cultureshocking blog. I posted this back in 2014 but thought it fit perfectly on here.. I will bring some of my old posts back soon! 


Parenting is not the easiest job in the world, but it's definitely one of the most beautiful for me... 

We have had our share of ups and downs, however, it all has been a blessing. We continue to grow, learn, and love. 




Happy healthy living!





Las Vegas Was Like.......

I survived Las Vegas! I mean, it wasn't difficult. My cousins and I attended the ASD Market Week, an event where over thousands of market vendors from all over the world come to the Las Vegas Convention Center to showcase their products. I wanted to attend because I am interested in expanding Loving Culture and I wanted to get new ideas. It was a great experience. Las Vegas is pretty cool. It is easy to get caught up in the party scene but I found myself enjoying alone time in our hotel room and at this one casino penny machine lol. I loved Hakkasan night club. I got to see Axwell spin! Overall, I met some really nice people, had great conversations with Uber drivers, sat pool side, rode in the back of a convertible, and made new friends in many different places.