Shared Boys Bedroom Inspiration & Ideas

As the weeks progress, the reality is really starting to kick in. We have a great deal to do to prepare for the baby! The biggest preparation will be transforming Lucas' room into a shared space. Lucas is way past the toddler stage and has long been independent with his space. So now we have to come up with a creative way to preserve his space while also creating a warm nursery for "L" (baby number 2).  

Below are some images that I came across during my search online. I think these pictures are lovely! Ideally we want to do a loft bed with a baby crib underneath. That way we can really maximize the space. Lucas has the bigger bedroom but we want to be sure to maintain the book reading and play area. 

The bedroom remodel will definitely begin in September!

The first two pictures were found from Pinterest and the last picture is from Land of Nod